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"Where does this go?" This is the question that every solid waste professional is hoping the resident will have the right answer to. Unfortunately, they might have last year’s answer, or they’re guessing and likely wishcycling.

Learn more about how our Waste Wizard helps organizations use digital to transform and modernize their communications and teach people how to become better recyclers.

In this webinar you'll learn:

  • Why having a digital-first strategy for resident communications is paramount to success.
  • How digital tools for recycling can help save you time and costs, while fostering better recyclers. 
  • How the Waste Wizard can help reduce wishcycling and contamination, while lowering call volumes.

Webinar details:

Date: This webinar is on-demand. Please register and we will email you a link to the recorded video.



Senior Waste Consultant

Tim Adkins has more than a decade of experience in the waste and recycling industry and is driven by a passion for the natural environment, preferring to spend time in the great outdoors where possible! He spent about seven years in the social enterprise and not-for-profit space before joining ReCollect in 2014.

Tim started his journey in the industry as a supervisor at United We Can - British Columbia's pioneer bottle depot. During his three year tenure there, he learned much about the challenges and social impact of recycling. He also spent years in the collective management of Free Geek Vancouver - a non-profit community organization that reuses and recycles electronics.

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