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When people incorrectly assume they know which bin an item is supposed to go in, they wishcycle,  which contaminates your waste streams.

Using a game to test and re-educate people on what they might be getting wrong can help you lower contamination and engage people in a fun and meaningful way. Game data can then be used to build targeted campaigns and “course correct” people’s recycling behavior.

Learn more about how the Waste Sorting Game saves you time and resources while actively teaching a wide audience of people how to recycle properly.

In this webinar you'll learn:

  • How people's assumptions lead to wishcycling and contamination
  • How to actively test people’s recycling knowledge
  • How to "course correct" improper recycling behavior

Webinar details:

Date: This webinar is on-demand. Please register to access the recorded video.

Author Head Shots-Tim Adkins

Tim Adkins

Territory Manager, West

Tim Adkins has a deep history in the waste and recycling industry fuelled by a passion for the natural environment. He spent several years in waste diversion roles with social enterprises, and is now a Senior Waste Consultant for ReCollect. 

Tim's experience, both working for not-for-profit organizations and in municipal solid waste consulting, equips him with a unique and valuable perspective on outreach, education and behavior change in residents.

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