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What's the  number one question for any waste hauler customer?

"When is my collection day?"

When your customers miss collection day, they will likely pick up the phone and call you you - tying up expensive resources. In addition, your customers will be frustrated and disengaged, which leads to negative sentiment.

Learn more about how our Collection Calendar helps private waste haulers free up phone lines, lower call volumes and helps customers self-serve the information they need.

In this webinar you'll learn:

  • Why customers miss collection day, and the impact of missed collections on your business.
  • How digital communication tools can lower call volumes, while helping your customers learn to self-serve. 
  • How our Collection Calendar provides real-time, instant answers for your customers about their collection day.

Webinar details:

Date: This webinar is on-demand. Please register to access the recorded video.


Ryan Buhay

Account Executive - Waste Haulers

Ryan is a next-generation leader in the waste and recycling industry and a 40 Under 40 recipient in 2018. He is also our Account Executive for the Waste Haulers division at ReCollect.

Ryan dove head-first into his waste management career as a Community Relations Coordinator for Loraas Disposal Services in Saskatoon where he led the conceptual creation, implementation and design of an in-house Education Centre to host visitors at the MRF.

His experience, both in the hauling industry working at a MRF facility and in municipal education, give him a unique perspective on how customer waste and recycling behaviors affect MRF operations.

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