Utilizing Digital Technologies for Waste and Recycling Management 

Read on to access our new publication for insights into these trends as well as guidance for addressing them successfully with smart truck technology. 



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In 2023 changes in the economic and regulatory environment for municipalities and haulers continue to push solid waste and recycling leaders to do more with less, and forward-thinking organizations are tapping technology to help them meet challenges. While digital transformation within waste organizations is nothing new, leveraging technology to scale services, comply with laws and regulations, balance budgets and increase productivity is no longer just an option. Today, smart technology is the key to forging ahead, providing excellent citizen services and maintaining a profitable bottom line.

What you will learn:

  • Macro trends: What’s driving technology adoption in waste and recycling
  • Smart waste collection as part of a broader smart-city strategy
  • Meeting hauling challenges with digital tools
  • Mapping specific digital tools to performance outcomes 
  • Measuring success: Smart tech ROI examples 





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