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Encourage people to reuse, re-purpose or recycle correctly with top holiday waste reduction tips from the ReCollect Waste and Recycling Team! 

Join ReCollect's Waste Reduction and Recycling Specialist Meghan and Customer Success Manager, Jenica, who will help you put a wrap on holiday waste contamination! Learn best practices to effectively communicate your holiday collection calendar and top holiday waste offenders this holiday season. 

ReCollect's Top Tips to Tackle your Holiday Waste Program is a free on-demand webinar. Download today and watch at your own pace! 

Happy Holidays from the entire team at ReCollect! 

In this webinar, you'll learn:

  • How to leverage technology to help you develop, create and implement your holiday waste program to reduce contamination

  • Communicate your collection approach with the help of digital communication tools.

  • Holiday waste reduction tips to encourage people to reuse, re-purpose or recycle correctly.

Webinar details:

Date: This webinar is on-demand. Please complete the form to access the recorded webinar and download the slides.


About the presenters: 


Meghan Vidakovic

Waste and Recycling Specialist

Meghan is a passionate waste and recycling specialist with a background in Environment Management; Meghan is most passionate about waste education and loves to help organizations foster better recyclers with the power of digital communication tools.


Jenica Nelson

Customer Education Manager

Jenica comes to ReCollect as a previous customer, having spent many years in the municipal and federal Solid Waste & Natural Resource Conservation fields, focusing on outreach and education.

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