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What is Sourcewell?

Sourcewell is a government agency offering competitively solicited contracts for use by education, government, and nonprofits. Cooperative contracts mean volume discounts, choice, and quality.

As a government agency, Sourcewell establishes and provides internationally leveraged and competitively solicited purchasing contracts under the guidance of the Uniform Municipal Contracting Law.

Joint Powers laws enable members to legally purchase through the Sourcewell contract.

Sourcewell members save time and money while also avoiding the unpleasant experience of low-bid, low-quality responses.

Does It Apply To Me?

Eligible members include any unit of government, education (K-12 and higher ed) or non-profit agencies nationwide.

Sourcewell has 50,000 members across North America, so it’s likely that your government is already a member. And if it isn’t a member, it can easily become one! There is no-cost, no-obligation or liability to join or participate in the Sourcewell contract purchasing program. There are no minimum contract purchasing requirements or commitments for member use of Sourcewell contracts.

What About Canadian Cities?

Yes, Canadian cities are included! Toronto, Ottawa, and even the small town of Clarence Rockland, Ontario are all members of Sourcewell.

How Does It Work?

All Sourcewell contracts have been competitively solicited, reviewed, and evaluated by a committee, and recommended to the Sourcewell Board of Directors for award in accordance with Minnesota public purchasing and contracting rules, guidelines and regulations applicable to Sourcewell.

Want to learn more? Please see Sourcewell’s Frequently Asked Questions

It’s likely that your city is already a Sourcewell member. If not, it’s just two easy steps:

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For additional information please see the Sourcewell How to Purchase Guide