Making Yourself The Employer of Choice for Drivers 

Your 10-Point Guide To Attracting & Retaining Driving Talent With Tech 


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Even in a tight labor market, haulers and municipalities in need of qualified drivers have a card up their sleeves: technology. Not only do fleet automation and other green technologies solve myriad problems before they arise, but they can help attract more diverse, talented and dependable drivers to operate collection vehicles — and keep them there! Our infographic provides 10 field-proven ideas that are helping tech-savvy haulers from California and Colorado to New York become the employer of choice.

Download your Infographic and Learn How To:

  • Cover absences seamlessly
  • Onboard and train drivers without the hassle
  • Ensure quick, safe collection for every driver, every route
  • Provide the support and individualized coaching drivers need
  • Give drivers a sense of control and the opportunity to master their tasks


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