Going Big:

How the City of Durham Scaled Service and Bulky Collection With Digital Tools

In this webinar, you’ll learn:

How digital tools ease staffing concerns

The City of Durham filled a gap in education staffing by digitizing communications.

Practical ways to use digital tools

The City communicates service changes without an influx of phone calls.

How captured data improves communication

Durham uses data gathered with digital to inform future campaigns.

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Presented By:


Brittany Loffredo

Account Executive, ReCollect

Brittany is a waste and recycling specialist with 10+ years of managerial waste hauling experience and a passion for empowering her clients to foster better recycling behaviors in their communities. She works closely with East Coast solid waste leaders to design and implement digital communication strategies to address participation, contamination, and engagement for municipalities and universities.

Jim R Durham NC

Jim Reingruber

Assistant Solid Waste Director for Administration for the City of Durham, North Carolina

Jim is a self-professed “data nerd” who has championed digital tools and transformation throughout his career, having first joined the City as a senior analyst in 2004. He moved to Solid Waste in 2016 during a period of continued, rapid population growth and has scaled programs and services to deliver significant environmental value.