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Customer Story: City of Olathe

City of Olathe Increases Resident Engagement, Lowers Costs By Partnering With ReCollect

In this customer story, Jamie Shockley, Strategic Communications Analyst at the City of Olathe, explains the benefits and successes of their partnership with ReCollect - and promotional tactics the City used to successfully promote the ReCollect app to their residents.

City of Olathe customer story takeaways:

  • More engaged residents
  • Lower print and newsletter costs
  • Lower call volumes
  • Better campaign tracking with digital analytics
  • Lower contamination rate through better education

Learn the importance of great and timely communication and messaging to drive engagement and lower costs like the City of Olathe did.

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We’ve never really been able to measure the effectiveness of the content to see if anyone’s taking action on it. But with ReCollect we were able to see the huge spike in downloads of the app and addresses searched right when we promoted this in the link which shows it works.

Jamie Shockley, Strategic Communications Analyst, City of Olathe

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