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Customer Story: Halton Region

Halton Region Switches From Paper-Heavy Communications to On-Demand Digital Tools

Wanting to provide residents a faster, on-demand channel to access waste and recycling information, the Halton Region partnered with ReCollect.

Halton Region customer story takeaways:

  • Over 30% of all addresses searched (50,000+)
  • Lower call volumes
  • Extensive use of campaign features for special announcements
  • Consistent trend in digital tool adoption

Learn the importance of on-demand digital tools to easily communicate important collection changes like the Halton Region did.

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Using the ReCollect tool, when we know it is going to be windy, we can do a targeted campaign about that issue. We’re sending it right to people – to their computers or to their smartphones or to their phones so that they can actually get that information front and center immediately.

John Watson, Waste Diversion Education, Waste Management Services

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