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Customer Story: Clark County, WA

Clark County, WA Switches To Multi-Community Resident Communications For Trash Collection Scheduling

Wanting to reduce call volumes and increase resident engagement, Clark County moves to multi-community digital apps to communicate collection schedules online.

Clark County customer story takeaways:

  • Multi-community synchronized collection schedules
  • Lower call volumes
  • Engaged and delighted residents

Learn the importance of digital communication tools to communicate collection schedules consistently across the entire county, using multiple websites like Clark County did.

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Working internally we felt like it would take a long time (to build the tool we wanted) and we felt like (with ReCollect) that whatever you needed: instantly, it was there. Whatever you needed was right there after you put in your address, rather than having to drill down through a GIS database.

Tanya Gray, City of Vancouver, WA

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