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Customer Story: Town of Cary, NC

Cary, NC - Reaches Contamination Goal With Cary Collects App

Between Raleigh and the famed Research Triangle Park is Cary, North Carolina, where about 168,000 people call home.

There, Cary, NC crews service about 55,000 households, collecting trash and yard waste at the curb each week, recycling every other week, and bulky trash, electronics and more by appointment. 

In this customer story, we review how Cary, NC was able to meet their goal of reduced contamination with the Cary Collects app. Cary also surpassed their anticipated 9-month benchmark of 1,400 downloads for similarly sized municipalities.

Cary, NC key customer story takeaways:

  • Saved over $15,000 in design, print and postage costs over a 12-month period.
  • Reduced contamination by 3% during the year of launch.
  • Received recognition from the Carolina Recycling Association in 2020, winning the Annual Recycling Award.

Learn the importance of using digital tools to educate and teach residents how to  properly recycle like the Cary, NC, did.

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Cary Collects will continue to enhance communications by syncing our messages with citizen needs and providing valuable data as the solid waste programs evolve.

Srijana Guilford, Environmental Communications Specialist

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