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You spend a lot of time on your waste and recycling programs, but are they effective? Doing a curbside evaluation helps you zoom in on program challenges, identify what works best, and helps you to drive real policy changes. Not only can curbside evaluations measure participation and contamination, they can be used as a baseline to measure pre- and post-campaign program success.

Waste industry experts Kelly Bray and Laura MacLellan will teach you how a curbside evaluation study can be a powerful addition to your suite of digital waste program tools. Learn how to lower your costs, lower contamination, and increase program participation – efficiently and effectively.

In this webinar you'll learn how to:

  • Run your own participation and contamination evaluations
  • Use data from evaluations to drive policy change, lower costs, and lower contamination rates
  • Start new, or level up your existing evaluations with advanced tips and techniques
  • Implement best practices and avoid some common pitfalls

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Kelly Bray

Waste and Recycling Specialist

Kelly brings a lifelong dedication to waste reduction and environmental sustainability. With over 7 years of experience, Kelly’s relentless passion and commitment to environmental welfare and sustainability spark movement and action in those around her. 

Her leadership skills and eagerness to ignite and lead teams around complex and important challenges are rare for a professional of her age.

Kelly holds a Bachelor's degree in Biology from Dalhousie University, with a focus on Ecology, Environment, and Sustainability.


Laura MacLellan

Waste and Recycling Specialist

Laura brings a background in Environmental Management and over 7 years of experience in the waste and recycling industry.

In her time, Laura has focused on working directly with municipalities to help improve their waste and recycling diversion rates through communications. Her rare blend of frontline expertise and strategic program knowledge best equip her to both forecast and overcome challenges in this fast-changing industry. 

Laura's passion lies in strategic promotion and outreach: improving participation rates and communication complex education to residents in a simple, and down to Earth way.

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