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The Collection Calendar: Modernizing Resident Communications

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"When is collection day?" is a question that every recycling educator is hoping residents will have the right answer to. When residents miss collection day, they will likely pick up the phone and call you you - tying up expensive resources. In addition, they may become frustrated and disengaged, which leads to negative sentiment.

Learn more about how our Collection Calendar helps cities, counties and regional bodies free up phone lines, lower call volumes and helps residents self-serve the information they need.

In this webinar you'll learn:

  • Why residents miss collection day, and the impact of missed collections on your business.

  • How digital communication tools can lower call volumes, while helping your residents learn to self-serve. 

  • How our Collection Calendar provides real-time, instant answers for your residents about their collection day.

On Demand
15 Minutes

About the presenters:

Phil Blythe

Phil Blythe

UK Account Executive

Phil is a waste and recycling specialist, helping councils in the UK to digitally transform their waste service. Phil specializes in our resident facing tools, designed to help tackle contamination, reduce call volume and help residents to recycle better.

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