20 Ways to Improve Your Recycling Communication 

Your Step-By-Step Guide To Effective Messaging That Empowers People To Recycle More, Better

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We’ve come a long way. In most cities, recycling isn’t a new concept. Residents are often willing and enthusiastic followers of the reduce-recycle-reuse mantra. But that doesn’t mean your job as a communicator is done. In fact, behavior science tells us that just because people understand that recycling is important doesn’t mean they’ll do it regularly — not to mention correctly. Our guide provides 20 ideas for communicating about recycling effectively to teach and motivate your community to recycle right.

Download your Infographic and Learn How:

  • Leveraging social norms can lead to better outcomes
  • Focusing on the positive in communications works best
  • Telling the truth about recycling helps build trust with your audience
  • Messages including the right number of ideas help people stay focused
  • Providing online experiences can help keep people engaged with recycling


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